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We provide services with the ability to trade, sell, invest in and buy big data or set big data up for investments. Our services help with: buying and selling big data, trading of big data and we also help with investments in and shares of big data projects/companies. Our services will help you get from point A to point B.

Quadrillion Data Per Day
Objects By 2020
Worth Of Data
Estimated Revenue For 2020


Sell data

Give access to data that might be useful to others. Name your price and find your costumers. Make deals and expand, earn and develop today.

Buy data

Get access to data, to boost your company, projects or begin and enhance them. Big data has never been this accessible, improve today.

Trade data

Trade data with others, or trade shares you own of big data projects or companies. Big data trading on this scale has never been done before.

Invest in data

Get investments for your big data(IOT) projects or company, or invest in big data companies or projects. Our services create the best environment for this.

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We are working day and night to make our service secure. Expect the unexpected is our mentality and that’s how we build our walls. To find our weaknesses, we ourselves break our walls down, build it back up and repeat. Our services are secure, user-friendly and trustworthy. The privacy of our customers is our number one priority.

What kind of data

The accessible data, is data that is legal to trade, buy and sell by law, for example open data. This varies by country. Investing in data has no legal restrictions. This said, Big Data Stocks offers the services that help with selling, buying, investing and trading data and shares in data, but we cannot be held accountable for the data that is being offered. Big Data Stocks does not offer data nor do we own the data that is being offered.


There are many different sources of data (claims systems, enrollment systems, benefits administration systems, survey results, consumer data, social media, personal health devices – like fitbit). These data sets grow in size because they are being gathered by readily available and numerous information-sensing mobile devices(IOT), aerial, software logs, cameras, microphones, radio-frequency identification readers, wireless sensor networks. This being said, the posibilities are only growing endless.

Our role

We offer this platform and services to sell, trade, buy and invest in big data and get investments for big data. Big Data Stocks will make sure everything is done safe, secure and uncomplicated. We can provide services to help you go from point a to point b. Questions, contact us today.

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